The Dos and Don’ts of Modem Placement

Welcome to our Optimize Internet Speeds series. These videos will teach you everything you need to know about your home WiFi. In this video, you’ll learn the best places to install your modem. Finding the right spot for your modem is key to enjoying the best quality WiFi in your home. You can install your Rogers WiFi modem anywhere in your home that has an active Coax connection. But here are some tips on choosing the best spot. Do choose a central location, close to where you connect to WiFi the most. Don’t choose a spot where other wireless devices or appliances are likely to create signal interference, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, some wireless speakers or cameras. Disruption can come from your devices, or even those of your neighbours. Do position your modem upright if possible, with six inches or more of open space around it. Your modem broadcasts WiFi in all directions, but this will help optimize the built-in antenna design. Don’t place it where building or furniture materials are more likely to reflect or absorb your WiFi signal. Do place your modem where you can see it. The ideal spot can be on a shelf or a table. Hiding inside a cabinet, behind a monitor or TV screen, or other electronics can reduce your signal speed and strength. Finding the perfect spot for your modem lets you make the most of your Rogers WiFi. Check out our other how-to videos for steps on setting up your modem and WiFi, and more tips on optimizing your internet speed.