Top 20 Mac Games 2019 (First Half)

– [Narrator] We’re half way through 2019, so I thought we’d stop and take look back at the 20 best Mac games
from January to June 2019. So, without further ado,
let’s get right into it. Starting at number 20, we
had Subnautica: Below Zero. Currently out in early access, Below Zero was released
as a standalone expansion for Subnautica in January. You go to an arctic
region of planet 4546B, or something like that, and you are here to study alien artifacts. The biggest change here is the different approach to the story. You have a real purpose,
instead of just being stranded, not knowing what to do next. There is also dialogue, and
your character now has a voice, which is new. Depending on what Mac
you run this game on, you may come across some
bugs and performance issues. So right now, it’s best
played on 15-inch MacBook Pros or an iMac with dedicated graphics. Number 19 is The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame. Back in March, Feral Interactive ported this new LEGO adventure game to Mac. It follows the events of the
movie, but also goes beyond it, bringing new things you
never saw in the films. In addition, compared to other
Lego games in the series, this one appears to be more ambitious, offering players more possibilities to play, test and discover. You can journey into outer
space to discover new worlds, and it has new LEGO building
elements and challenges. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is supported on most Macs back to 2012. (characters grunting)
(dramatic music) (Emmet yelling) – Whoa. Number 18 we have Gravel. In January, Virtual Programming ported this sports racing game to macOS. It’s a really great
off-road racing experience, where you can go and
drive around the world, discovering a range of
extreme and wild environments. It has decent graphics, car
damage, and car handling. Gravel offers four disciplines, Cross Country, Wild Rush,
Speed Cross, and Stadium, and all of them offer different locations and very powerful cars to choose. Please note this game requires a Mac with a very powerful graphics card. This would be a 15-inch
MacBook Pro, an iMac, or a Mac Pro with a 4GB
or better graphics card. Number 17 is Void Bastards. This game was released back in May, and is heavily inspired by
Bioshock and System Shock 2, and you can see it from the art style to the game play itself. However, it brings you a
different experience too. For instance, it’s actually
a strategy-shooter, where you must lead these
people called Void Bastards out of the ship, known as
the Sargasso Nebula, I think. You’ll plan your mission
from the layout of the ship, and you can make decisions,
such are where to go, what will you do and who
will you decide to fight? If you’re after something
different from a FPS game, that also makes you
think, check out this one. Void Bastards should work
on most Macs back to 2012, but is best played on Macs
with dedicated graphics. (computer voice mumbling)
(gun banging) Number 16 we have Baba is You. Here we have a new puzzle game. The rules of the game
change by how you play. For example, in every level the rules are presented to you as blocks. You can interact with these
blocks by manipulating them, which will change how the levels work and can cause different interactions. Baba is You has 200
levels, retro graphics, which allow it to run
on any Mac out there, and it has very challenging gameplay. Number 15 is Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. In February, this
turn-based strategy game, known as Mechanics, was
fully supported for macOS. The game has you taking
control of advanced armies. You can customize your
team, manage resources, discover new and old tech,
and control their every move. The interesting thing
here is that your choices heavily impact the missions ahead and the fate of your armies. This means you need to
plan every move carefully. Mechanicus is a demanding
game and is best played on recent Macs or 15-inch
MacBook Pros or an iMac. – [Computer Voice] For
the machine is immortal. Number 14 we have Descenders. It’s sad because not many
great sport games come to Mac, but luckily in May we got this
great new one, Descenders. It’s a downhill free-riding bike game, that features procedurally
generated worlds, online multiplayer, tricks,
and challenges to complete. The bike handling seems to
be very well-thought out, bringing subtle movement of your rider, with a great physics system, that is perfect for precise movements. Descenders isn’t too demanding, so it should run on some older Macs. Number 13 is The Stillness of the Wind. You will either love or hate this game. It’s short game at three hours, and is what they call a quiet game that progresses very slowly. The Stillness of the Wind
follows an old woman named Talma, who lives a simple life. Players will develop her personal routine, care for the farm and animals, make food, grow plants, and explore. It’s up to you how to spend
Talma’s time each day, as she comes closer to the end of her days suffering from something we will all eventually face, old age. The game explores life and
loss at the end of the day. The Stillness of the Wind can run on most Macs from 2012 and up. Number 12 we have Vainglory This game receives criticism online because of the bad performance, but the good news is that they are referring to the Windows PC version. Based on my experience, the
Mac version of Vainglory works great and is supported
for most Macs out there. Sure, it might not have
the polish of other MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA, but it’s a fresh new one that you can play right now in 2019 for free, and it has cross-platform play between Mac, Windows, iOS
and Android, which is huge. (swords clanging) (computer voice mumbling) Number 11 we have Dawn of Man. Dawn of Man is a survival or city-builder. It is set during the period
of the first modern humans. Some people find the gameplay
to be boring or slow at times, but you just have to spend
a lot of time with it, in order to see what the
game actually offers. Dawn of Man is not a demanding game, so some older Macs can also run it. Number 10 is DUSK. In February, DUSK arrived on Mac, which is fantastic because
it’s an incredible FPS game. If you enjoyed playing games
like Doom, Quake, or Half Life, DUSK should be on your radar if you haven’t already bought it, that is. It has retro graphics,
which means it can run on most Macs out there, and it has fast-paced shooting gameplay, different enemy types to
keep the gameplay fresh, and it has great music. There are three campaign episodes, plus an endless survival mode, so you won’t get bored with this one. (dramatic music)
(gun banging) Number nine we have Slay the Spire. Leaving early access in January 2019, Slay the Spire is a
wonderful game for Mac, as anyone can run it because
it has very low requirements. It’s a card game, and also a roguelike, that together produce one of the best single player desk builders out there. You can craft a desk,
face dangerous creatures, and discover new powers as you progress onwards in your journey. I’d love to see the game
bring out a DLC sometime this year also, just to
keep people engaged I guess. Number eight is Tropico 6. Tropico 6 is available
for Mac in beta right now, and it requires a powerful Mac with dedicated graphics to run well. In fact, Kalypso Media
made a public statement, saying that the full Mac
version has been delayed so that they can optimize
Tropico 6 for older Macs. I love this type of
dedication to our platform, and it’s always welcome. So, purchase Tropico 6 at your own risk, knowing that right now, it doesn’t work well
on older Mac hardware. Number seven we have Tannenberg. This is the follow up game to Verdun, a very successful World War I multiplayer shooter back in 2015. This time, you’re heading
to the Eastern Front in World War I and will
experience 64 player battles. There are six squads, 50
plus realistic weapons, six large maps, and a smart AI system if players leave battles
early or don’t join. Do be warned, you die
very easily in this game. You need to take your
time and work together with your teammates in
order to win matches. Tannenberg is a fairly demanding game and should work well on
Macs from 2014 and up. (gun banging)
(yelling in foreign language) Number six is Totally
Accurate Battle Simulator. Back in April, this game
came out of nowhere, for me at least, I had no idea it existed. It is a battle simulator, that has a hilarious physics system. You can place different unit
types on the battlefield and see how they go
against the opposing team. You can play in the
campaign or as sandbox mode. Totally Accurate Battle
Simulator is supported on all Macs back to 2012, but do be warned your average FPS may be limited on older Macs. Number five we have Call
of Duty: Black Ops 3. ASPYR Media recently
ported this four-year-old Call of Duty game to Mac back in April. Sure its release is
late and really random, but I’m happy it’s here. Why? Because all previous Call of
Duty games available for Mac are no longer supported
because they were 32-bit games and will no longer run
after macOS Catalina. So this is the only Call of Duty game we’ve got at the moment. So, Black Ops 3 has a
pretty decent campaign, a fantastic zombie’s mode,
and multiplayer modes. The biggest downside
is that not many people are playing multiplayer
anymore, which is expected, as there are newer games
in this series now. So I would love to see ASPYRE port some newer COD games to Mac this year or next year, but who knows. Black Ops 3 is supported on Macs with AMD graphics cards only. – [Man] Don’t slip in the slime. (gun banging) Number four is DiRT 4. Feral Interactive are
known for bringing us the best racing games, and they did it once again with DiRT 4. Compared to DiRT Rally,
this game has a more arcade racing tone and
is not as challenging. But it’s still super fun and
has more impressive graphics. There are racing disciplines from the classic Rally to Landrush, to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. You have 50 off-road racing
cars here, five locations, multiplayer, DiRT Academy and much more. DiRT 4 is supported on Macs back to 2012, which is impressive to say the least. Number three is Divinity: Original Sin 2. The original game back in
2015 was very popular on Mac, and now in 2019, Mac
players can once again journey to Rivellon. Divinity: Original Sin 2
still has turn-based combat, multiplayer campaigns, a complex story, although it brings in
some new features too. Four players can play together
or via local split-screen, the AI has been improved,
and there are new ways to interact with characters,
animals and the environment. One more thing, it has
HDR and touchbar support, and iCloud backup support for Mac. Divinity: Original Sin 2 can run on some older Macs back to 2013. Number two we have Katana ZERO. This is just a classic
and fun game at its core. Katana ZERO is a neo-noir,
action-platformer, which has incredible
fast-paced action gameplay. You can take down enemies
by slashing, dashing, and the coolest part, manipulating time, to carefully plan your attacks. Slowing down not only looks great, but the well-thought out sound design, makes make it appear even more brilliant. Katana ZERO can run on
most Macs out there, so you have no excuse not to try it out. (lights whooshing) Number one we have Total
War: Three Kingdoms. Three Kingdoms has become
the fastest-selling game in the history of the series, and some are calling it the
best Total War in a decade. I would go as far to say it is the best strategy game for Mac right now. It was ported to macOS
by Feral Interactive, I mean who else, and it’s the first Total War
to be set in ancient China. It has a gripping turn-based campaign of empire building with
expectational real-time battles, all set in 190 AD. Do be warned, the game runs best on Macs with dedicated graphics from 2016 onwards. – [Game Character] Our
success looms large. Here are some bonus Mac games,
from the first half of 2019. Whispers of a Machine, Steel Rats, Dota Underlords, Streets of
Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe, Imperator: Rome, Iron Marines, Intruder, Shotgun Farmers, Train Valley 2, Rise of Industry. Not a bad list of games so far, but I’d love to know what
do you guys think of them. If you found this video useful, please leave a like as it tells YouTube that I’m doing a good job. The next half of the year
is gonna be fantastic. We have Apple Arcade coming, iPad games which can be
ported very easily to Mac, and just a lot of other
great games coming as well. Subscribe for more
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