Top 5 Awesome Computer Gadgets You Must Have ★ Subtitulado 🌏 New World HD ★

our world has changed drastically over
the past decade with the advent of new technologies we have seen a revolution
in mobility we can now run our lives from virtually anywhere the problem we
all want to boost productivity but how can we do it introducing scan wireless
the world’s first wireless scanner mouse our product is small and portable and
gives users more freedom than ever before it’s the ultimate solution for
working anywhere with just a click everything you scan will display
instantly on your computer screen work smart and increase your efficiency with
scan wireless it has the ability to scan tables and text in only a few swipes you
can even direct edit on your documents plan your romantic journey by using scan
wireless just glide scan wireless over travel books and magazines and create
the ultimate itinerary in a snap found something worth sharing with your
friends simply swipe scan wireless over the area you like and share on your
social media pages with a single click be an adventurous eater scan wireless
can help you to translate foreign languages and make sure you can try new
things and actually know what they are scan Wireless can even organize
everything for you you can conveniently organize your most important notes in
meeting minutes and store in Evernote you we are a goober mocha
specializing optical energy we have been doing this for over ten years is my
pleasure to introduce that laser projection mouse is the beaut prada
under our own brain Odin’s god of war on pathology when all the apprenticeship is
beer in his head flashes of lightning strike the land of mankind recast asyla
existing appearance and limitations of a traditional computer mouse and design
the world’s first laser projection mouse the cutting-edge OD to take reflection
signals with infrared sensors instead of traditional cameras so they’re holding
have a higher resolution this makes our laser projection Mouse suitable for
designers office workers or video gamers holding the Holy brixton traditional
limitations by also lightweight and can be very soon just plug it in and you’ll
be able to use all the Middle Earth in time this laser professionals prefer
sooner over profession the hood be welcome to
fund our old position we’ve been using our computers like this
for the past 30 years this doesn’t work great in every situation and our
computers don’t look like this anymore or this they look like this or even this
a keyboard and mouse don’t make sense anymore it’s time to get your hands
dirty with jest just lets you control your computer with your hands for
example Photoshop adjust the contrast OOP little less ok now the brightness
yep perfect save that let’s take this a little further add a logo bring it down
lower little to the right great if you have two of them you can even type we take the raw data from every
accelerometer gyroscope and magnetometer and pass it through advanced motion
processing yep sometimes your friends can get annoying quick hand gesture
takes care of that just connect your iOS or Android device so you can connect it
almost anything like your lights and your music you you you