Tutorial Servidor FTP en Ubuntu  con Filezilla Client

Tutorial Servidor FTP en Ubuntu con Filezilla Client

Hey very good to all people, in this video
we will create our own ftp server on ubuntu to communicate with our real machine, in this
case mine is a windows 8. filezilla client is a program now I’ll show
you. filezilla client is the program that you are going to see now. This one here that
we go to install in google this page here, I will post the link in the description, and
we click download. the filezilla is not the server but this has
to be the client.You will see that is a simple and quick installation
After this we will create our server, go to our ubuntu, where we can put the following
command: apt-get install vsftpd which is the name of the package you want
to install, we will install and takes seconds and when we see that put process means that
we have correctly installed. we see here the process ,process and a number,
after this we will edit
that file package, put nano / etc / vsftpd.conf, we will open this file here’s where to edit
this server. we have to go down to find that you see here:
anonymous enable yes , local enable yes , write enable yes .
Anonymous enable yes , has no pad, not commented , this allows everyone to read the files.
there is a right to read. local enable yes allowed as English puts Uncomment
this to allow local users to enter and now we will uncomment write enable yes for allow
upload files , catch and put commands ftp anonymous has a right to read and local enable
and write enable right to read and write. After save the file, restart the server with
service vsftpd restart get the process then it has rebooted fully
y, In our filezilla, here what we have and we server our ip name anonymous
user because we will see the first user who would read , the port 21 for example and see
is installed correctly. the problem is that here we dont see the files,
we only have read access files if they had but we cant upload or edit.
we will do the same now but with enable Local: ceroca ceroca for example port 21, fast connection.
this is coming out now to abort the connection before, to renew.
as you see it has connected us and here we see what our server
See for example we will create a file: create document, blank document, “prueba” and we
will try our desktop filezilla try and see “prueba”.
If we do the reverse would look equally well , that’s all until the next time!