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– Oh, I’m so excited to eat you. Yes, yes. I haven’t had a Big Mac
since before I went vegan. Oh, you’re going to be so good. – [Man] Caught you! See?
– What? What? – [Man] You like
McDonald’s just like I do. – Well it’s not, no,
because it’s not McDonald’s. – [Man] I’m quitting this show. (girl laughing) This is a vegan show. – It’s not McDonald’s, look. – [Man] Oh-ho-ho. – Look, it, it’s vegan. I made it. I made it, it’s vegan. It’s, here, you really don’t believe me? You really don’t believe me? Here, m’kay. You know what, just come
with me to the kitchen. I’ll show you. Okay, I’ll prove it. This is a vegan Big Mac. I’ll show you exactly how to make it, right now. ♫ Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Ba ♫ I’m Vegan’ it The most important part of
a Big Mac, is of course, the McDonald’s, signature Big Mac sauce. So let’s make that. So we’re going to grate an onion. There’s two reasons why we’re doing this. It makes it easier to put into the sauce, and mix it all together, but you also need to
grate a little bit extra because you’re going to put
it on your burger as well. And this is because
McDonald’s traditionally use reconstituted onions. Add one tablespoon of your
minced, or grated onions, and go wash your hands before
you touch your eyeballs, and then you are in tears
for the rest of the show. Now we are going to add
our French dressing. You want to add two tablespoons of that. Now we’re going to add about half of a cup of your vegan mayonnaise. Now to make it a little bit sweet as well, we’re going to add four
teaspoons of sweet pickle relish, one teaspoon of white vinegar, organic of course, and one teaspoon of organic white sugar. Make sure it’s not refined. Now we’re going to add a
quarter-teaspoon of salt. Now take a whisk or a fork
and mix it all together. Now, one of the most important parts of a Big Mac is also the bun. So you actually need two buns, because you’re going to
have the top and the bottom, but you also need to
have that middle piece, which is called, in
McDonald’s terms, a club. So to get that, I originally thought that
you could just use the bottom of a bun, but apparently you can’t, because it is this breaded
side on both sides. So it wouldn’t be authentic. So instead, I decided to just cut the hat, if you will, the top, off of the top of the bun, and just make sure it’s like at the equal thickness of this guy. Now take your three bun
components and toast them. So take a frying pan and
make sure it’s really hot, and put your buns directly on it. Put the lid on it, and what that does is
contains all the heat, and it brings out all
the sugars in the bread to make the bun kind of like
a sweet flavor, or taste. So this is what you
want them to look like. So take your iceberg lettuce, which really is just water, and cut, first, strips, and then cut it the opposite way of the strippage. Let us celebrate Big Macs. Let us turn up the beat. (crickets chirping) (upbeat music) (package crinkling) (door closes) Get yourself some vegan patties. So just cook these guys
according to their directions. Usually on 350, in the oven, for about 10 to 12 minutes is good. So get some extreme, dill pickles. Say cheese, to vegan cheese. What you want to do, is get yourself a vegan cheese option. Lots of companies are
now doing these like, single-sliced things. ♫ Now, we wait for burgers to cook. ♫ Burgers to cook. ♫ It’s a burger cooking dance,
it’s a burger cooking dance. ♫ La-la-la. ♫ Waiting it’s sucky. ♫ This is why people go to McDonald’s, ♫ ’cause they don’t have to
wait for their food to cook. ♫ Hey! I was a cheerleader once. We’re back with our cooked patties, and one thing that you might not know, is that McDonald’s, they
salt and pepper their patties right out of the grill,
oven thing that they use. So we have someone that
worked at McDonald’s for a very long time in the studio today. So, he’s gonna come on
and build this for you in the style of Big Mac
building at McDonald’s. – [Man] I knew one day I’d be called in to help the Edgy Veg on a special project. It’s funny, I was Employee
of the Month, once. That picture got taken,
unfortunately, the day after my friends decided to
shave one of my eyebrows. Get the pickles, usually it’s two, but we’ll put
a little more of these ones. Paddles, patties, not paddles. And the cheese. Da-da-da-la-da-da-da. And the final touch. Never, squish it down. It’s perfect. (upbeat music) And that, is how you make a vegan Big Mac. Oh man, am I full. I’m Candice, the Edgy Veg, and I make new videos every Monday. So make sure you subscribe for more videos just like this guy. Or if you love to eat as much as I do, make sure you check out the
dinner playlist right here. (clock ticking) – Torch things – Bye. (torch burning) (screaming) – So the key to this is just to…