VPN — (Mac) Installing the VPN Client

In this tutorial, we are going to connect to the
VandalVPN using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN
client for Mac. The VPN permits a secure connection between
your computer and University of Idaho services
through any internet connection. If you are not physically located on campus,
VPN is required to access Banner, your U: and
S: drives, or for remote desktop connections. It can also be useful for securing your
connection on unencrypted wireless networks like those found in airports, coffee shops, and
restaurants. To begin, open Safari and go to
support.uidaho.edu/security/vpn/ If you scroll down on this page, you will see a
link to download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN
client for mac. Click on this link and enter your NetID
credentials to download the client. The download will automatically start in the
bottom right hand corner of your screen. When the download is finished, click on the
‘Downloads’ folder and then click on Cisco-AnyConnect-OSX.dmg to open the
installer. To start the installation, click on vpn.pkg. Then, click on continue twice, and agree to the
terms and conditions. Finally, click on ‘Install.’ In order to continue the installation, you will
need adminstrator rights on your computer. To confirm these rights, enter your computer
username and password and then click on
“Install Selected.” Once the setup is successful, close the installer
by clicking on the ‘Close’ button. To run the VPN client, navigate up to the
Spotlight in the upper-right hand corner of your
screen and then type the word ‘cisco’. The first result should be the Cisco AnyConnect
Secure Mobility Client. Click on this link to open the software. To connect to the VPN, click on ‘Connect’. You will need to enter your NetID credentials to
complete the connection. To disconnect from the VPN, click on the Cisco
AnyConnect tray icon in the top right corner, and
then select ‘Disconnect’. More information on the VPN network can be
found at support.uidaho.edu/security/vpn/ If you are having trouble downloading the client,
or accessing the VPN service, email the ITS
Help Desk at [email protected] or call us at (208) 885-HELP to ensure that your
account has been set up for VPN access. More tutorials, visit support.uidaho.edu/tutorials/
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