What’s new with Windows IoT in 2019

>>In this new episode of
The Internet of Things show, we have Adi from the Windows 10 IoT team that
is coming to tell us a bit about what Windows 10
IoT is about and also what’s coming in 2019 for you guys. In order to learn more about the product also try
it out and so forth. [MUSIC]>>Hi everyone, this is
the Internet of Things show, I’m Olivier your host. Today, we have Adi on the show. He’s here to talk to us
about Windows 10 IoT and what’s coming in is product for 2019. Adi, thanks a lot for
joining the show.>>My pleasure.>>So, before we jump into the topic, can you tell us a bit about yourself.>>Yes. So, hi Olivier. So, I’m Adi Hariharan, I lead the Windows
IoT marketing team. So, my focus is to
make sure that we tell great stories about Windows IoT and talk about all the great innovation
that’s coming in the product.>>So, before talking
about the innovations, it will be interesting to see
why you guys are doing that. Why is Microsoft building
an OS for devices? So, what are the trends you’re
seeing the industry going towards? What are the customer saying? What do they need from your perspective of Windows
building an OS for these devices?>>Yes. We are hearing a lot of
things from our customers Olivier. So, one of the things
that we’re hearing a lot from our customers is
basically they have great devices that’s helping them
improve the way they do things, bringing in efficiency,
bringing in cost efficiencies.>>Yes.>>The other thing that
they also seeing is that with the investments
that they have, they’re also gathering a lot
of data from the environment.>>Yes.>>But they’re not doing
a lot with that data. So, they want to be able to tap into that rich resource
that they have. So, they want to be able
to analyze that data and then also make that data
a little more actionable.>>Yes.>>So, but trying to
do that is not easy. I mean, IoT projects are really complex and it takes
a lot of investments. Once you have a project and
you fully try and test it out, try to scale it across the entire world is going
to be quite challenging. That’s where the
investments that we put in both Azure and Windows
comes into play.>>So, you’re saying that these
IoT projects are complex and actually I’m seeing lots of customers were not coming from
the device development world. Right? They’re coming from the
enterprise mobile cloud development but they want to have
to do IoT for driving their digital transformation
you were alluded to and basically they didn’t have these knowledge
about creating a device and developing for device. So, is Windows 10 IoT actually making their life
easier in that sense?>>Yes. So, a lot of
our customers come to us and ask us, “How
do I get started?”.>>Yes.>>Right. So, we really
want to help them. One of the things Olivier that we want our customers
to be fully aware of is that we’ve been in the embedded and the IoT business for
the last two decades. So, what that means is that we’ve
been helping our customers, help with their improvements and automation for
the things that they do. So, with that, we bring in a lot of expertise and we make
the platform really robust.>>Okay.>>Think about
the peripheral support. Think about the driver
support that we have developed over a period of time that comes fully integrated
into the product. So, to get started on an IoT project, you’re going to start with a product that’s done much of
the heavy lifting and what they really need to focus on is the customization that goes
on top of the product.>>Yes.>>If you will.>>That their value
add basically, right?>>It’s their value add.>>What about security? Because
security is a big concern. We hear about it all the time in IoT. What does Windows 10 IoT bring in terms of security
to these solutions?>>Yes. So, Windows
IoT at the base level brings in all the security goodness
that Windows carries. Now, Windows is available in
about two billion devices. What that means is that we’ve
been learning a lot about security and a lot about
the threats that are out there, and we have managed to tick that goodness that
we’ve learned through the Windows installation
or the Windows install base and brought that
down to Windows IoT. So, Windows IoT
inherently adopts a lot of the security baselines that we bring through Windows.
So, that’s number one. Then we focus on
specific security aspects like Device Health
Attestation that we bring into Windows to make sure that the device as well as the connection to the Cloud is extremely secure.>>Nice. Last but not least or actually might not be
last but our last thing but maintaining devices in the field is something
that can be a nightmare. You need to maintain version of
the hardware of the OS and so on. You need to actually build your own infrastructures is not existing. Windows has been out as an enterprise and
consumer products for some time, must have knows how to do
management of an OS, right? So, is it the same
for Windows 10 IoT?>>It is slightly different.
If you think about how a customer would have
to manage a device today in an embedded scenario, if they want to provide
a device update, they would send a technician
to the field with a USB stick and then drawn the
updates physically on the device. We have a better way of doing that.>>Yes. That would not be manageable
and the IoT scale was like.>>Especially when you
think about scale, it is going to be challenging. So, what we have
upcoming very soon is actually also available is the
Windows IoT Core Services. So, think of this as an infrastructure
service that we provide to our customers where they
will be able to throttle and fully control the updates that A, the operating system needs, any driver updates that they need for the peripherals or
any updates that they need for apps running on the device. This can be delivered
over the air so that they don’t need to physically send
somebody over to the device. They can seamlessly update it from wherever they are
any part of the world.>>Awesome. So, you guys
tailor a nice OS for devices, you add these embedded specific
features to lock the system down, you offer tools to
maintain all of that. But you guys are hard at work. There’s tons of things
coming in 2019.>>Yes.>>Can you give us a sneak peek and how can people learn more
about what’s coming?>>Yes. So, we have
two flavors of Windows IoT. So, we have Windows IoT Enterprise. Think of Windows IoT Enterprise as a full-fledged operating system
for a full power device.>>Okay.>>We also have Windows IoT Core. Windows IoT Core is for
a small footprint device. Now, the exciting thing
that’s coming up is that we are going to and we’ve also already announced
support for NXP chip, and we’re going to announce GA
for i.MX six, seven and eight.>>Okay.>>That is really exciting.>>More and more hardware.>>A lot of silicon option sense. So, IoT Core would run on an ARM-based chip with
NXP support, Qualcomm support. So, now you can think about really bring down the footprint
of the operating system. So, that’s number one. We also announced support for the robot operating system on Windows which are which
is really exciting.>>Yes.>>The third thing
that’s really exciting for us is the work
that we’re doing on Windows ML and making
sure that we can integrate Azure IoT Edge
into Windows. So, that’s inherently
out-of-the-box where you don’t have to put
an additional development to bring Azure IoT Edge onto Windows.>>Bring in intelligence of
the Cloud then at the edge, like for addressing scenarios we have needs for having low latencies or disconnected scenarios or you have privacy concerns
about it as well, right? So these are kind of scenarios
you can implement easily.>>That is right.>>Okay. So, we have coming like tons of events.
You guys will be asked.>>Yes.>>There’s also a series of webinars?>>Yes.>>So, can you tell us a little bit like two seconds about the webinars.>>We’re really excited
about all the innovation that’s coming in Windows and I’m going to be really
excited to come back to this audience and talk about all
the innovation that’s coming.>>Welcome to the show.>>So, we will have a bunch
of webinars series. So, it will be myself
along with a lot of our developers and engineers will come talk about
the innovation that’s coming.>>Okay.>>You’ll also find us
at a lot of events. We are excited about embedded world where we’re going to make
big announcements about Windows IoT and we’ll follow it up with the IoT inaction series
across the world.>>Yes.>>We’re hoping that you will
be able to come attend and also learn about Windows IoT and hopefully also be able to adopt and try it out.>>Well, actually adopt
and try it out today. We have resources where we
have pointers and people to learn more about Windows 10 IoT, the Azure services they can
run on Windows 10 IoT devices. They can get started
with the Raspberry Pi. Everyone has a Raspberry Pi
on the desk, didn’t they? Or something like that.>>I do.>>We do, we gigs I guess. What actually by the way someone from marketing has a Raspberry Pi
on their desk.>>Say something about
how we work in Microsoft.>>Exactly right, just
want to mention that. So, these links will be added to
the description of this show. Adi, thanks a lot for
that introduction Windows 10 IoT. You actually definitely got us
excited about what’s coming. You guys can meet Adi and a team during the events
on the webinars. Subscribe to the IoT Show
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hope to see you soon. Bye. [MUSIC]