WINDOWS 10 sounds used for making MUSIC 😙

Welcome to my world Alright Windows 10 sounds everybody We love ’em all Some of us hate ’em all Some of us don’t have a windows 10 machine Like me! :3 I use mac… but! I did grow up using windows and Some of the sounds are kind of the same as when I was using windows uuuuuummm So yeah We’re gonna try and make some music using the Windows 10 sounds Let’s Let’s groove! (Snazzy Windows 10 music) Now, I actually ended up making 2 songs because I was so inspired by some of the sounds in the Windows 10 library A lot of these sounds I don’t really think you hear them In the everyday use of your computer Well at least some of them cause I used some ringtones and I know no one ever listens to the ringtones in a Windows 10. I mean if you do … (Sizzling bacon sound) Hi You know, I don’t wanna go into how I made these songs I’m just gonna play ’em for ya Here you go Windows sounds songs songs sounds sounds (Quick flash of text) (More snazzy Windows 10 music) (Song Number 2) (MORE SOUNDS) ~Hi btw~ ~Hope you’re having a good day today ^-^~ ~Should I explain what the music sounds like?~ ~Probably~ I don’t know… it it weird that I sometimes have a nostalgic feeling for old analog and digital fear like this. It reminds me of the good ol’ days when worries were slim and the days were always blue and sunny. Of a time wich has little affect now, but seems to be so very blissful now. Now. But when you really try and think, and really try and remember, you’ll find that those times were not much different than these times. We’ve forgotten the arguments, the fighting, the drama, the sickness, the bullying, the misunderstanding, and all the rest, I myself love to think back and all the good times, and sometimes I think, why aren’t the times as good now? Why aren’t I as happy, or busy, or sociable, or friendly, or popular, or unique, or skinny, or hungry. What has gone, what stays? And then we realize, overtime, that yesterday is not tomorrows time. That the good days only exist on one place, and that place is our heads, and why not bring the good days out again? Where did they go, why din’t they stay? Well maybe you thought too hard and they ran away. For the only time wasted is the time spent thinking of what could have been, or what needs to be. Rather the best question is what IS. And what IS, is all there is, all there ever be, All you will ever see, all there will ever be.

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Fly not close to the sun because you thought your happiness lied there, for you will perish, Your happiness lies in one place and that is with you, only now. not five minutes ago, not five years ago. And not five years ahead. Now. Now. Now. Flibberflap your way to a passionate life of bliss, and work and giving, and blessings. Busy yourself with tasks worth doing; with passionate people; you will only regret time wasted being alone. ~It’s just about how he’s nostalgic and stuff~ ~from the music~ ~It also said to comment ‘Cumin Popsicle’~ ~I swear I’m not even making this stuff up owo~ (Derp animation by @Kiirun on instagram) (Cool techy music?) ~idk how to explain it :p~ (Music) ~byeee~